Alturo Shelton
Carl Skenes
Bill Kirchenbauer
Michael Dean Ester
Brett Leake
Jimmie Walker
Reno Collier
Eric Hunter
Kip Adotta
Roger Behr
Jack Carter
Tim Conway
Mark Curry
Louise Duart
Roy Firestone
Dick Gregory
Bill Kirchenbauer
Carol Leifer
Jim Morris
Susan Norfleet
Paul Rodriguez
Craig Shoemaker
Bobby Slayton
Pam Stone
Marsha Warfield
Byron Allen
Richard Belzer
Ruth Buzzi
Jeff Cesario
Pat Cooper
Bill Dana
Vic Dunlop
Jeff Foxworthy
David Alan Grier

Jake Johannsen
Robert Klein
Richard Lewis
Gary Mule Deer
Rick Overton
Jeff Rothpan
Drake Sather
Pauly Shore
Margaret Smith
Glenn Super
Fred Willard
Chris Bliss
John Byner
Tommy Chong
Rick Corso
Johnny Dark
Will Durst
Geechy Guy
Gabe Kaplan
Wendy Liebman
Kevin Pollak
Rita Rudner
Mark Schiff
Wil Shriner
Smothers Brothers
Gerry Swallow
Jerry Van Dyke
Michael Winslow
Amazing Jonathan
Elayne Boosler
Anthony Clark
Wayne Cotter

Phyllis Diller
Bob Einstein
Dick Hardwick
Laura Kightlinger
Murray Langston
Pam Matteson
Kevin Nealon
Paula Poundstone
Mark Russell
Robert Schimmel
Skiles & Henderson
Carrie Snow
Rip Taylor
Jimmie Walker
John Witherspoon
Pete Barbutti
David Brenner
Michael Colyar
Norm Crosby
Tom Dreesen
Bill Engvall
Judy Gold
Dom Irrera
Scott Larose
Larry Miller
Taylor Negron
Paul Provenza
Mort Sahl
Rhonda Shear
Yakov Smirnoff
Chris Spencer
Judy Tenuta
George Wallace
Ed Yeager
Eddie Jayne

Comedy Shows

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Comedy Legends

Comedy Legends is a fantasy production show that has something for everyone: Featuring the timeless humor of George Burns, the wit of Roseanne, the topical jokes of Jay Leno, the zany antics of Robin Williams, the nostalgia of Jack Benny, the bantering of Joan Rivers, the riotous escapades of George Carlin, the classic comedy of Abbott and Costello, the rapid fire delivery of Rodney Dangerfield, and the wacky musical marriage of Lucy and Desi, (plus many more) all wrapped up in the most unique look and sound alike show appearing in the world today.

Some of the top daytime talk shows report that their highest rated theme shows have been "look-alike" shows. Comedy Legends rides the cutting edge of the best of stand-up comedy, along with the success of other long running popular variety shows.

Custom Tailored For You Your Needs

In addition to being unique and hilarious, The Comedy Legends is as versatile as the wacky cast of celebrities that perform in it. We can customize the size and length of the show to fit your corporate event or venue size. Small, Large, Long or Short.

Comedy Legends can be made to order without losing one belly laugh. Like a well made suit, you will be amazed at how well our show can fit your needs.

Comedy legends is also audience friendly. We have designed programs for older audiences, younger audiences, corporate audiences and can even offer one that appeals to people of all ages.

Comedy Legends always adapts to the dictates of your good taste. From G rated to R rated, we can deliver laugh after laugh. You’ll hear nothing but compliments from your audiences because we deliver the show that you want!


Tim Watters (aka "Mr. President," Bill Clinton impersonator)
The Blues Revue
Elvis and Elvis Inc.
Diana Diamonds Jaffe as Marilyn Monroe

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