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Photography is by appointment only.

Headshots are priced at $ 149.95

Payment is due before the photo

session begins by either cash or check.

Digital Images, 50 Shots min plus take home CD-ROM.




There are a few models and actors who have a wide range of looks,

skills and abilities.  They send the right photo for each project depending

upon what the Casting or Art Director is looking for in that role.  Being a

professional means being prepared in advance for whatever may come,

the photo that you select and submit can make the difference between

getting an audition/go see or staying home.




Photography requirements for Models are entirely different than those of Actors,

Entertainers or Comedians. The easiest way to explain why is to define the purpose

of the photos; with Actors, Entertainers or Comedians, THEY are the primary item

of interest in their photos.

Whereas Models are most often the beautiful or handsome clothes hanger,

prop person or living decoration, that IS their primary job function. Therefore

clients, art directors, etc. want to see what they look like in real world

situations ( on location ) wearing a variety of clothes so they can

imagine the model in their clothing/desired surroundings.

Press this button to see the final

selections from location photo session.


These photo sessions are by appointment only

and are priced at $500.00 using digital cameras

(35mm - 645 Med Format film cameras are also available at a greater cost).

  We do not provide Hair,Make Up or Wardrobe services,

several local professional stylists are available at additional cost.

These sessions will take from 3 - 5 hours and take place all over the area,

we will seek out locations withing easy driving distance which compliment

you and take advantage of the clothing styles that you selected,

well prepared subjects should bring 4-8 different outfits in various

styles and colors (formal, semi-formal, casual, beachwear, adventure wear, etc.).

Do take this advice as fair warning, you are selected based on what

your Comp Card (Photos) looks like, don't wear make up or wear

your hair in some fashion that you cannot duplicate yourself on short notice.

Everybody hates Models who show up and they look nothing like their

photos, in fact it would not be uncommon to ask you to leave immediately

without so much as an explanation, it is that big a deal, remember,

you need to look like you, not some fantasy person created in a mall studio

by hack photographers who think they work for Hugh Hefner.

Models also use a Composite Card / Zed instead of a Head shot photo,

although a great many actors are now using Comps as well.

We use only first quality, full color printed, plastic laminated cards.

100 Cards are $175.00

200 Cards are $275.00

This is an example of one we recently produced.

Here are two more examples
Meet Juliet, age 14, these are considered age appropriate photographs.
The Photos below are examples of Lifestyle type photography that is typically used on Comp Cards.


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