Office hours are Monday through Friday 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. EST

READ everything below before you call please, understand that If we take you on as a talent that you represent us, therefore your introduction to us needs to be properly done so that both of us are comfortable in what should become a long term professional relationship.


1. We do not accept infants or toddlers at all (even your amazing "everybody tells me she/he is a miracle child"), please don't send anything, we start with children at age four.  Anything that you send will be shredded (for the safety of your child, photo, name address, envelope).

The market for infants and toddlers is small and primarily located in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago.  The truth is that almost all babies are cute (esp. yours), so the next criteria is the ease of acquisition and expense, local is better and cheaper! Clients are not going to fly you and your child, pay for hotels, etc. for something they can find in every city.

2. If you are local to the Savannah area ( within 100 miles ) please call to set up an appointment, I would much rather meet you in person in order to see what I have to work with in the form of your personality, skills, and abilities, etc.  You can also meet me and see if you want to be represented by Talent Source as well, chemistry must exist for either of us to succeed. 

3. If you are new and do not have any photos, please DO NOT run out and engage the first person that you come across or run down to Wal-Mart or something crazy like that, meet with us and see examples of what you need BEFORE you do anything, there is no reason to waste your time or money on photos that are not proper or will generate attention for all the wrong reasons. There is no cost to see us, legitimate agencies do not charge representation fees above and beyond earned commissions.



Interested actors should send (via U.S. Mail) a package to us that includes:

1. A Data Sheet ( Download below )

2. Head shots

3. Resume

4. Demo reel (DVD) if available and/or a CD-ROM (if your also interested in Voice Work). Please check out the "Actors" button on this site.  


Interested models should send (via U.S. Mail) a package to us that includes:

1. A Data Sheet ( Download below )

2. Head shots

3. Body Shots

4. Comp Cards

5. Resume

6. Copies of Tear Sheets

Please DO NOT send your bound portfolios to us. Please check out the "Models" button on this site.

Entertainers/ Bands

Interested entertainers/bands should send (via U.S. Mail) a package to us that includes: head shot or group photo, resume, promo materials, song lists, references, demo reel (DVD) if available and/or a CD.


Interested comics should send (via U.S. Mail) a package to us that includes: your head shot, resume, demo reel (DVD), references, clippings and current calendar.


See Literary Agency



Send all materials to:



Talent Source
1711 Dean Forest Road, Suite H
Savannah, Georgia 31408
Representation Policy

While we have always had a liberal policy in accepting new clients in the past, some have taken advantage of the opportunity by becoming indignant at our request for proper representation materials. For those of you who know the reputation of Talent Source, we have been a champion of legitimate agency regulation. I have never hesitated to call the traveling “Model Searches” and so called “National Agencies” and Internet based Talent Registries the Scams and Rip-Offs operations they are; nor have I held back when locals have tried to start an agency (many of which are ill-prepared or lack any experience to operate) at the expense of their so-called clients.  I have no idea why anybody would pay to take acting lessons from an actor or actress who has a limited resume themselves.

While many of you who are seasoned actors, models and entertainers understand what a proper resume, head shot card or composite means (i.e. it is a business tool, a calling card, your first and sometimes most important contact with a potential employer) others seem to think it is optional equipment. It is not.

Proper materials are required in order to be represented by the agency, no exceptions. We have instituted this policy to help those clients who wish to pursue this as a profession and wish to do so in a professional manner.

We will continue to represent our talent to the best of our abilities in a professional manner and will require all existing and new talent to provide us with the proper tools to do the job. Your Head shot or Composite Cards will be sent out for consideration by mail or electronically for all appropriate roles, we will not send your materials out for marginal roles that are not suitable for you, it is a waste of your materials and our time.  Any Agency that sends you out as "filler" just to impress a client with lots of people isn't doing you any favors, plus Clients are smarter than that, it's always about Quality, not Quantity.

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