Let's start with this please.

We do not accept infants or toddlers at all, please don't send anything, we accept children at age four. Anything that is sent to us with a baby, or toddler etc. shown will be shredded. The market for infants and toddlers is small and primarily located in New York City, Los Angeles and Chicago. Most babies are cute, so the next criteria used is the ease of acquistion and expense, local is better and much cheaper, plus everybody in the business has child, a grandchild, a niece/nephew or even a neighbor or a friend with one, they are going to use theirs first.

We encourage actors to submit headshots and resumes to us for representation consideration. Currently we represent actors from New York to Florida to LA, distance is not a problem. Our mission is to present our represented actors to casting directors, art directors, producers, directors and clients who are looking for talent for feature films, television programs, commercials, print advertising, voice over and live event projects. We do not waste your time or ours, we present actors who are right for the role or position offered, any agency who sends you on an audition or call just to keep you busy IS NOT doing you any favors. We don't just send actors (sometimes at great expense) just to be seen!

"I'm am an Actor" those of us in the business, it means that you have studied, worked, sweated, built a few sets, pulled nails, painted, fallen down and picked yourself up and you may have a college degree in the theater arts. It says that you are "show people". Please do not refer to yourself as an "Actor" if you are not one, it demeans the craft and those who work hard at doing it well. If you don't have real world experience, headshots, a resume, possibly a reel, and know what "slating yourself" means, then to paraphase the southern venacular, "you ain't one!"

It's OK to call us and say that you want to be an Actor, just be honest and show respect for those who have earned the right to say..."I'm an Actor". Actors come in all shapes and sizes, don't feel that you have to be physically perfect, most great actors are not.

To submit yourself, please send the following to us:

Your headshot(s), a resume, a reel if you have one and a SASE. We will return by mail our application and guidelines for agency representation. We do not want to see your contact information on your resume or headshot, two reasons; 1) clients are supposed to call us to inquire about you, our job is to sell your abilities and negotiate the best rate for you, and 2) it's not a smart thing to do. Most casting directors dispose of unwanted headshots, resumes, etc. at the completion of a project, that means the trash can, a hotel dumpster or office trash bin where any freak can pick it up and decide if they want to call you, visit your house or something much worse. Don't do it! If you don't currently have headshots and you are close enough to come see us, make an appointment and I'll show you what you'll need to get, please don't waste your money on inferior or inappropriate photography.


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