Founded in 1989 by Michael Shortt, Talent Source became Savannah's first modern full service talent agency. We've grown from our first day's signing of 62 talents to our current listing of over 1,000 Actors, Models, Entertainers, Musicians, Comics and Writers from around the world.

Our client list includes: Major Motion Picture Studios, Independent Production Companies, Television Networks, Record Labels, International, National and Regional Advertising Agencies, Fortune 500 Companies, Leading Retailers, Direct Mail Merchants, Promotion Companies, Manufacturers, Special Event and Trade Show Planners.


Talent Source is associated with: Aardvark Production Services   (Casting, Locations and Crew Agency) and Tandem Productions   (Film, Video and Photography Production).

In 1993, Talent Source was recognized by the Writers Guild of America and was inducted as a WGA Signatory Agency. We also work closely with many other Organizations: Georgia Film and Videotape Office, Savannah Film Commission, South Carolina Film Office, Screen Actors Guild*, American Federation of Television and Radio Artists*, Actors Equity Association, Screen Extras Guild, and the American Guild of Variety Artists. (* SAG/AFTRA rules prohibit a Producer from owning a signatory agency and require that a signatory agency be within 50 miles of a SAG office. We are not franchised, however we represent many SAG/AFTRA members and enjoy our Independent Agency status in Georgia, a Right to Work State.)


Michael Shortt was the founder and Executive Director of GATTA: Georgia Association of Talent and Theatrical Agents. Georgia's only recognized association of legitimate talent agencies and agents. A leading voice in the industry to identify and promote legitimate agencies and agents, while also working to weed out non-standard operators who prey upon talent for financial gain. Michael was also the co-author of House Bill 257, which went before the Georgia State House of Representatives (Sponsored by House District 148 Representative Regina Thomas) that sought regulation, state guidelines, bonding and licensing for talent agencies.

Michael also worked for years with two City of Savannah administrations to establish the Savannah Film Commission and served on the board that wrote the commission's founding charter and established its' mission goals. Michael was also a member of the Savannah Film Commission for 6 years and continues to work with the commission to facilitate/attract feature film production to the Greater Savannah Area.


In 1993, Talent Source first moved into Savannah's Historic District and remained there until September 2004 when the business moved near the Savannah International Airport into a new facility which doubled the agency's space to over 3,000 sq. ft. Work is now underway to renovate the new space to include: a reception area, a casting/workshop/meeting room, an interview/casting/conference room, a photo/video studio (2,000 sq. ft.), private office, and a complete range of office support equipment (copier, high speed cable internet connections, computers, printers, etc. ) and related outside vendor support (Federal Express, DHL, UPS, Delta Dash) and Production Equipment Rental Houses in addition to our database of locations, picture cars, support equipment and personnel.

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