All informational and educational content of

photo examples demonstrating professional

posing techniques for female models

has been removed  - due to assholes

- and you know who you are.

Continue to threaten me and I'll post your names,

then pay for Ad Words on Google, post on facebook, twitter,

LinkedIN and as many fashion, swimwear, modeling, film and

advertising forums as possible, with the ultimate goal of making

sure everybody knows who's that freaking desperate and/or pompous.

How unfortunate your career must be to seek compensation

from a small talent agency in the 99th market in the United States

who was attempting to help aspiring models prepare by posting posing

samples for their portfolios to use for seeking professional work.

Not to mention how desperate any attorney would be to pursue

such a claim, clearly - no local ambulances to chase?

Who knows, perhaps one of them would have sought out

a photographer lucky enough to have been selected as

capable of delivering quality images based on shown examples.

I will still show them the same photos, they'll just have to come into the

office to see them instead of being invited to see a hidden web page

from the safety of their homes.  Let's all waste gas, travel for silly reasons

and be limited to business and school hours.

I know who you are and trust me,

all of my contacts in the industry will soon as well.


Oh yeah, one more thing.....FUCK YOU.